Devil in the Diet! Part 1

What Is “Diet Culture”? “Diet culture” refers to a set of beliefs that values thinness, appearance, and shape above health & well-being 1,2,3. Additionally, the concept places importance on restricting calories, normalizes negative self-talk, and labels certain foods as “good” and “bad”.

“Diet Culture” & Social Media (

How often do you find yourself thinking "I should not be eating this", or "I better exercise to eliminate all the extra calories I consumed"?

OFTEN right?

Diet Culture has given us the most ridiculous habits and ideas regarding eating and what we should and should not be eating. We need to normalize our thoughts and actions to be the opposite of what we were taught.

DISCLAIMER -I am not a dietician, or nutritionist, I am just a regular person that has too many issues surrounding diet culure BS~!


Tip - instead of restriction, and deprivation, rather ADD nutrient dense food to your diet, and watch how your relationship with food changes!!

For example - I love a good spaghetti bolognese, but I use a ton of vegetables in my sauce. So whatever is in season, and looks good in the store. Sometimes I chop a big bunch of baby spinach in, and add a few grated carrots. Already, but just adding those two ingredients, you have bulked up the fibre content of the meal significantly, thereby making the meal more satiating.  Overall you end up with a meal with three key components to keep you fuller for longer. Fibre (from the veg and pasta), protein (in the beef), and healthy fats when you cook with a little olive oil.  But, you still feel like you have satisfied your emotional need to eat a meal like this, a meal that by some, is seen as "bad".

Small changes in your daily "diet" can lead to habit change, and in turn, you will feel better! All these small little changes, over time, lead to great reward, such as less cravings, feeling healthy, feeling satiated, and very importantly, emotionally satisfied with your food.

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